Legal Surrogacy Programs from $36,900+

As you will have noticed there have been many changes in the laws concerning surrogacy in Asia. India, Thailand, Nepal and now Cambodia have all banned surrogacy. However we can still offer you a legal surrogacy service tailored to your individual needs. If you are married both parents can legally have their names noted on the birth certificate.

We are committed to help you achieve a family of your own through surrogacy, within the laws of each country that we work and will not compromise you as parents, your birth mother, or baby's safety by offering a plan that is not practical, lawful or ethical.

We respect each country's values and moral code and will at all times work in a discreet and respectful way. Our basic program commences at US$36,900 or US$59,000 for our guaranteed pregnancy program with unlimited transfers. Both are plus our referral and support fee.

We have assisted many couples and singles with our surrogacy programs and are also happy to support you if you have your own surrogate or egg donor.

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