Success Rate

The issue of success rates is one of the most emotional and complex subjects for people seeking Fertility Treatment. While success rates can be an important indicator of the performance level of a particular clinic, the numbers themselves can be often be misleading or manipulated.

In reality, success is entirely individual and relates only to you and your partner. You are not numbers on a statistics chart but important and unique human beings with individual needs that have to be addressed.

A successful pregnancy is reliant on five main factors:

  • Experienced and caring medical staff
  • Good quality eggs, sperm and embryos
  • High level laboratory support
  • A healthy endometrium and hormone levels
  • A healthy and stress free patient

The sixth factor is the unknown or random aspect we have no control over - Nature.

When I first started to look overseas for fertility treatment I contacted fertility centers all over the world; the USA, Argentina, India and a few European countries. My husband, who is an internet researcher, isolated the hospital options down to a few but during the process we saw claims of success for Egg Donation ranging from 23% to an amazing 89%!

In the end you can only make your own judgment based on the reputation of the clinic and your own intuition once you start communicating with people such as myself. The clinic and Doctor I work with do indeed achieve high success rates for most of our patients.

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