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Chinese Egg Donor Bank

Cathie: The results compare very favourably. The technology has improved tremendously over the past few years and we are probably the only egg donor service in Asia to have Cryotec certified embryologists. (Interviewer note: Cryotec is the 'Gold Standard' for egg freezing worldwide.)

Interviewer: Are all your egg donors who contribute to your egg bank Chinese?

Cathie: Mostly, because that is where the biggest demand is but we do have Frozen Thai Donor eggs and some Caucasian donor eggs too. But we still offer fresh cycles and as of now around 65% of our couples choose a fresh cycle but that is changing fast as people in Asia become more comfortable with the idea of an egg bank. Of course, Egg Banks have been in North America and Europe for some years. Interestingly we are now shipping a large number of Chinese eggs to North America - that's a fairly recent development. There is a great shortage of Chinese donors in North America and we screen our donors to FDA standards.

Interviewer: So you have many Chinese clients?

Cathie:  Yes, more than half our clients are Chinese.  We receive many inquiries from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Also, ex-pats from Australia, the USA and other countries living in Asia. We are helping lots more Chinese couples as our Chinese egg donor program is very popular with them and is one of the few in Asia where you can view photos of donors and actually choose your donor. Most clinics do not allow that. 

Interviewer: Do you have Chinese staff? 

Cathie: Yes, all my staff are Chinese and are fluent in both spoken and written Mandarin and also a couple of Chinese dialects. Our medical team also speak Mandarin so communication is definitely not a problem. But many of our Chinese patients come from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the UK so they speak English. 

Interviewer: How do parents get to hear of you? 

Cathie: Well I've been providing egg donor services since 2006 so get many referrals from happy parents and also from clinics all over the world. And of course we receive a lot of enquiries via our websites.

Interviewer: And how many people have you helped with egg donation? 

Cathie: I don't know exactly but last year we counted over 3000 couples and singles. 2019 is looking to be our busiest year which is not what I expected given all the changes in Asia. But our Chinese Egg Donor program and Asian Donor Egg Bank are the source of many new enquiries.

Interviewer: And what's happening with surrogacy? Can you still assist people?

Cathie: Yes, we have an excellent partner in the Ukraine, one of the most respected hospitals in that part of the world. Surrogacy is legal there so married couples can get both their names on the birth certificate, legally- which is a tremendous advantage for parents when they take their child home. We also ship embryos and eggs to the Ukraine and have a government export license so everything is legal and above board.

Interviewer: How much is your surrogacy program?

Cathie: Fees for surrogacy start at US$36,900 up to US$59,000 for a guaranteed pregnancy program. This is plus our fee.

Interviewer: Wow- that's impressive! And how much for an Asian egg donor? The young women in the profiles you showed me are beautiful.

Cathie: Fees for a Chinese egg donor from our egg bank commence at US$9,600 for 6 mature eggs including ICSI and a fresh embryo transfer so we are very competitive as all of our Chinese donors are 100% Chinese. 

Interviewer: This is all very interesting. Let's talk again soon.

Cathie: Thank you and thank you for the opportunity to up-date people on egg donation and surrogacy. 

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