About Cathie Sanchez

A personal message from Cathie

"The services I offer on this website are for Intending Parents who are seeking egg donation as an answer to their fertility problems. I have assisted over 2000 couples and singles since 2006 and will help you to choose the right program to suit your needs and budget. 

As an egg donor success story myself I want you to be successful too in your quest for a family and I will do everything in my power to support you in that. Every aspect of my care is focused on achieving a positive outcome for my patients. I am very proud of the uncompromising and personalized attention our medical and support staff give to our parents and that procedures such as Chinese, Thai and Caucasian Egg Donation and medical advances such as NGS have such excellent outcomes.

Please feel free to contact me or my staff if you have any questions, or would like further information about the services I offer."

Cathie qualified as a Nurse in Australia in 1978 and went on to achieve a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Counselling and qualifications in Complimentary Medicine including Acupuncture and Oriental Therapies. Prior to focusing 100% on fertility services Cathie also studied and taught Yoga for over 25 years and developed a unique Yoga program designed to help prepare women for pregnancy and labor. This program has been featured on several Australian TV channels.

Cathie commenced her private practice in 1983 and soon developed a special interest in fertility treatments and pregnancy and labor. Since then she has supported many women and couples in achieving their dream of having a baby naturally, as well as providing a specialised counselling service for couples seeking fertility treatment.

Cathie moved to South East Asia in 2006 and has since assisted over 2000 Intending Parents with fertility services such as Egg Donation and Surrogacy. She has professional and personal experience with most of the leading fertility Clinics and Hospitals in the region. 

Cathie is a caring fertility consultant and counsellor and having had a large number of fertility treatments herself, knows just how emotionally and financially draining continuous negative results can be. She will be there to guide you through whichever treatment process you choose and support you with her almost 30-years experience.