Caucasian Donor Egg Bank Program

Caucasian Donor EGG BANK Program

We have been providing egg donor services since 2006 and under the guidance of our Program Director, Cathie Sanchez, have assisted over 3000 Intending Parents achieve the joy of having a family of their own- thanks to an egg donor. We can help you too.

 Caucasian Donor Egg Bank Overview

Egg Donation using eggs from our egg bank is a simple medical procedure to undergo for the Intending Mother. The combination of high success rates and comparative ease of treatment ensures that an Egg Bank experience is very different to IVF using your own eggs or fresh donor cycle.

 Although we specialise in Asian donors we do have the oldest continuous Caucasian egg donor program in Asia. Our support team is very experienced and achieves pregnancy success rates equal to anywhere in the world. Importantly, we do not use agency donors so we have complete control over the process.

 Caucasian Donor EGG BANK First Steps

 Your first step is to select your Caucasian donor.  Simply by registering your interest you will receive profiles of donors who have eggs available in our egg bank. Once you have chosen your donor our in-house medical team will provide you with a treatment schedule and timeline.  Egg are available in cohorts of 6 and you can purchase additional eggs if you want. 

In general, any woman with a medical or genetic indication for using an egg donor can be a recipient, as long as there are no medical contraindications to pregnancy. Our upper age limit for recipients is 53 years. Our Caucasian Donor EGG BANK program is particularly popular with Australian, UK and European ex-pat couples and singles living in Asia. 

Points to consider:

  • Donor selection is accomplished over the internet
  • Our experienced medical team assure you of the best possible chance of success with a Caucasian egg donor cycle,
  • Our Caucasian Egg Donor service may be combined, where appropriate, with other specialized programs such as Gender Choice.

Choosing your Caucasian Egg Donor.

Choosing their egg donor is one of the most important parts of the process for couples and singles seeking to have a family of their own. We provide you with as much information as possible and maintain current records for every donor in our Egg Bank database. You will receive full details on your donor’s health, medical history, education, interests, and several photographs.

Once you have made your choice you pay a deposit to reserve your donor’s eggs for the month of treatment.

The Caucasian Donor Egg Bank procedure

Once you have chosen your donor our experienced medical staff will then coordinate your cycle to enable a fresh embryo transfer.

In most cases you only need to allow 8-days for the entire procedure as the donor eggs are immediately available.

Once you have decided to proceed our Medical Support Team will provide you with full details of the process including a treatment schedule and timeline, which includes all your medication requirements, medical preparation and important dates. We also give suggestions for accommodation close to our clinics.

We will provide specific details about your personal medical preparation once you have decided to proceed.

There are no legal issues with our Caucasian Donor EGG BANK program

As one of the oldest and most established donor services in Asia we are fully aware of the legal implications of the process. To safeguard both parties, your donor will have already signed an Egg Bank Agreement relinquishing all rights and responsibilities regarding her donated eggs and you will sign an Agreement too, which covers your rights and responsibilities. A copy is available from our Caucasian Donor Coordinator, on request. 

Please remember we are the most experienced Caucasian egg donor service in Asia and look forward to you joining our long list of happy, successful parents.

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