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Stigmatised for not having had children

Over 60% of women aged 35 to 45 feel stigmatised for not having had children

New data reveals that over half of English women aged 35 to 45 without children feel judged for leaving it until later in life to have a child.

The research involving 500 women aged 35 to 45, supported by Merck Serono in conjunction with Infertility Network UK (I N UK), highlights that over 60% have at some point felt stigmatised for not having had a baby. Family and friends are cited as the greatest sources of pressure on women to have children. Over a third of women are too embarrassed to talk about fertility, with the majority not feeling comfortable to discuss fertility issues with their family and friends.

"We need to promote a more open discussion about fertility”, said Clare Lewis-Jones, Chief Executive of Infertility Network UK (I N UK). "Feelings of embarrassment and being judged are ultimately preventing some women seeking the help they need for their fertility problems."

Women still consider up to two years a typical waiting period before seeing a GP about infertility issues, and alarmingly, a greater proportion of older females wait even longer. This is despite updated guidelines now making couples eligible for clinical assessment and investigation after trying to conceive for one year. With age having a significant impact on a woman's fertility, it is concerning that older women are choosing to wait longer; research has shown that the biggest decrease in fertility begins in women in their mid-thirties and that by the early 40s only 1 in 100 women are successful.

"Many couples are leaving it too long before discussing their fertility options with a healthcare professional." Mr Tim Child, Medical Director at the Oxford Fertility Unit at the University of Oxford, said. "With new and ever more successful options for treatment becoming available, it is very important that women and their partners follow guidance on seeking prompt advice from their GP or a fertility specialist if they are concerned about their fertility.

Patients should also be aware of the choice they make when they delay trying to conceive and the impact this can have on the chances of natural conception.

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Chinese donor egg bank

Interviewer: Its been a few months since we last spoke. Anything new or exciting to tell me?

Cathie: Well, relatively new. And yes -exciting. Our Asian Donor Egg Bank has really taken off and we have recently passed the 1000 egg mark in sales.

Interviewer: This is for frozen donor eggs? Who is buying that many eggs?

Cathie: We have many people use our bank from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China plus Australian and Canadian Chinese parents. From all over Asia really. We are also getting known in the UK and have had quite a few couples come to us for treatment. We also ship eggs to clinics and Egg Banks in North America and Eastern Europe where there is a huge demand for Chinese donor eggs.

Interviewer: How do results from frozen eggs compare with fresh cycles?

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My service is for Intending Parents who are seeking an answer to their fertility problems. I have assisted over 3000 couples and singles since 2006 and will help you to choose the right program to suit your needs and budget. As a success story myself I want you to be successful in your quest for a family too, and I will do everything in my power to support you in that. Every aspect of my support is focused on achieving a positive outcome for my patients. I am very proud of the uncompromising and personalized attention our medical and support staff give to our patients and that treatments such as Chinese and Thai Egg Donation  Caucasian Egg Donation,  and Surrogacy have such excellent outcomes. 

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