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Cathie: I think the main factor is we now manage the donor's preparation from Day-1. Their prep. is not started in another country and then completed when they arrive. All my Caucasian donors have their complete cycle under my care at our partner hospital. This has been my wish for a long time and I now have a very good supply of educated, attractive and experienced Caucasian egg donors.

Interviewer: So all the donors your clients use are yours?
Cathie: Yes, since last year. Our Thai donor program has always been mine and I started our very successful Chinese donor program almost 3-years ago and that is probably our most popular service. Now, with the addition of my Caucasian donors I have over 200 donors. 

Interviewer: So do you have more Chinese clients?
Cathie:  Probably 60% of our clients are Chinese  and we receive many inquiries from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Also, ex-pats from Australia, the USA and other countries living in Asia. We are helping lots more Chinese couples as our Chinese egg donor program is very popular with them and is one of the few in Asia where you can view photos of donors and actually choose your donor. Most clinics do not allow that.

Interviewer: What about language? Do you have Chinese staff? 
Cathie: Yes, all my Chinese Program staff are fluent in both spoken and written Mandarin and also a couple of Chinese dialects. Our medical team also speak Mandarin so communication is definitely not a problem.

Interviewer: How do parents get to hear of you? 
Cathie: Well I've been providing donor services since 2006 so get many referrals from happy parents and also from doctors in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. Though most doctors' referrals come from Australia and Hong Kong,

Interviewer: And how many people have you helped? 
Cathie: I don't know exactly but last year we counted over 2000 people since 2006. Some years more than others. 2017 is looking to be our busiest year which is not what I expected given all the changes in Asia.

Interviewer: And what's happening with surrogacy? Can you still assist people?

Cathie: Yes, but I have had to restrict the number of cases because of legal requirements. I do try hard to fit everyone in but we often have a waiting list for Birth Mothers as I do not use agency surrogates for the same reason I do no longer use agency donors.

Interviewer: Is there a waiting list for donors too?
Cathie: Not usually as we have new donors join our program every week. Our Caucasian program sometimes has a short waiting time but as our donor database has grown the list has got shorter.

Interviewer: So does having more Caucasian donors change your patient demographics?
Cathie: Yes, because we have a very well established Asian donor program most of my patients were previously Asian. We have had our own Caucasian donors for 18-months now and that seems to be something Western people value and we are receiving many more Caucasian donor enquiries.. But things change so let's see what the rest of 2017 brings.

Interviewer: Once again- thank you for your time. 
Cathie: Thank you for the opportunity to up-date people on egg donation and surrogacy. 

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