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Cathie and her team have assisted over 2000 couples and singles with egg donation and surrogacy

Egg Donors & Surrogacy

Interviewer: Its been a few months since we spoke. Have there been any significant new developments with egg donation or Surrogacy?

Cathie: Nothing that wasn't predicted. Its impossible to offer a legal surrogacy service in Asia now that every country has banned the service. Different countries have different ways of managing the bans but surrogacy is essentially finished in Asia. I can still offer surrogacy but not to everyone.

Interviewer: What about Egg Donation?

Cathie: Thailand is the only country to actually make egg donation illegal but it is getting closer scrutiny in countries like Cambodia and Laos. My donor programs are still very busy although the demographics of the intending parents have changed a lot. One big step forward is that I now have enough Caucasian egg donors of my own which means I do not have to rely on donor agencies any more. I have a very well established Asian egg donor program but until the beginning of 2016 had to rely on agencies for Caucasian donors. That has now changed and we are seeing the benefits in success rates.

Interviewer: Why is that?

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How I Can Assist You

My service is for Intending Parents who are seeking an answer to their fertility problems. I have assisted over 2000 couples and singles and will help you to choose the right program to suit your needs and budget. As a success story myself I want you to be successful in your quest for a family too, and I will do everything in my power to support you in that. Every aspect of my support is focused on achieving a positive outcome for my patients. I am very proud of the uncompromising and personalized attention our medical and support staff give to our patients and that treatments such as Chinese and Thai Egg Donation  Caucasian Egg Donation,  and Surrogacy have such excellent outcomes. We have also recently added embryo adoption and have a variety of combinations including Caucasian.

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